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Love Match

Hannah Barrett and Laurel Sparks
Wendy Edwards and Jerry Mischak
Zoe Pettijohn Schade and
Christopher Schade
Julie Featheringill and Joe Zane

March 7 - April 25, 2020

Drive-By Projects
81 Spring Street, Watertown, MA

Opening Reception:
Saturday, March 7, 4-6pm

Though Valentine's day has passed, we feel the need to lengthen this year's celebration of love. Drive-By Projects is please to present Love Match, an exhibition of work by artist pairs who are life partners. Each couple has selected works that reflect their shared professional and personal relationships.

"Title of my painting is "the painter's true love" and is exactly what it looks like- imaginary flowers sprouting from the palette. This is a symbol for the fact that our shared careers as painters both connect and separate us. Being able to share visual culture all the time is the source of our greatest joy and the separations are temporary even if they are frequent."
-Hannah Barrett for herself and Laurel Sparks

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Hanna Barrett

Hannah Barrett - The Painter's True Love -
oil on canvas, 14x11"

Izabela Jurcewicz

Laurel Sparks - Clown Cookie (yellow) -
paper pulp, acrylic, trinkets, piper cleaners, approx 4x4"