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2019 Projects
Feb 9 - Mar 30Book
2018 Projects

Jan 27 - Mar 17

Love Knots
Mar 31 - May 26How Little is Enough
Jun 9 - Aug 10Picnic
Sep 15 - Nov 3Heaven and Earth
Nov 10 - Dec 30November
2017 Projects

Jan 28 - Mar 25

All That Glitters Is Not Gold
Apr 1 - May 13Sidetracked
June 8 - Aug 23Across the Land and Sea
Sep 16 - Nov 11Who Am I?: The Sequel
Nov 18 - Jan 13Water is Everything
2016 Projects

Feb 6 - Mar 19

The West
Apr 3 - May 14Nature Gone Wrong
May 26 - Jul 30Prints: Sacred, Profane
Sep 17 - Oct 29For the Saturday Evening Girls
Nov 5 - Dec 17Wood + Paper + Earth
2015 Projects

Jan 15 - Feb 21

Baby Its Cold Outside!
Mar 15 - Apr 18Nothing Pathetic About Her
Apr 23 - Jun 6Everyone Has a Favorite Mug
Jun 11 - Aug 16Pink
Sep 19 - Oct 31Lists
Nov 7 - Dec 19Inspired
2014 Projects

Jan 9-Feb 22

Feb 27-Apr 12The Event of the Line
Apr 17-May 31Dogs
Jun 12-Aug 16Garden
Sep 18-Nov 1Transcendent Landscapes
Nov 9-Dec 20Time Spent
2013 Projects

Jan 10-Feb 23

Feb 28-Apr 13The Romantics
Apr 27Selections from the SMFA
May 2-Jun 8Recent Work by Meg Alexander and Richard Forster
Jun 13 - Aug 24Gateway Arts Presents
Sep 12 - Oct 19Roadside Attractions
Oct 24 - Nov 30Domestic Abstractions
2012 Projects

Jan 13-Feb 25

Mar 1-Apr 7Portraits
Apr 12-May 19Spring in Boston
May 32-Aug 25Time Flies: 2 Years at Drive-By
Sep 13-Oct 13No Frills
Oct 18-Nov 24Pattern and Embellishment
2011 Projects

Jan 20-Feb 26

Mar 3-Apr 9Oh Deer!
Oct 21-Apr 30Mapping and Mating
Apr 14-May 26Kanishka Raja
June 16-Aug 18Nick Miller: TREE HOUSE 360°
June 16-Aug 18Into the Woods: Landscape, Art and Thoreau
June 9-Aug 25Patio
Sep 15-Oct 22Office
Nov 4-Dec 3Isabel Riley + Amy Ruppel
2010 Projects

Jan 7-Feb 6

Jan 13-Apr 1Winter Wonderland
Apr 1-May 15Two Guys from Providence
June 3-17Honey Bunny
June 8-Aug 28The Boat Show
Sep 23-Nov 13Who Am I?
Nov 18-Jan 9The Elegant Drawing Show
2009 Projects

May 14-Sep 10

The Lobby
Sep 24-Oct 3The Storefront
Oct 15-Jan 15Portobello Road